Friday, January 15, 2016

The "WIN" Tunnel

 Last week was an epic week for me -- as it would be for any cyclist.  I got the chance to attend the Specialized Bicycle Components University (or SBCU) in Morgan Hill, California.  I spent time in the Level 2 Fit Class, getting better equipped to fit triathletes and mountain bikers on their bikes.   On the final day, one lucky participant was selected to be the guinea pig in the wind tunnel.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly experience something only a select few pros every get to do.  The class members helped fit me on my size cycle to determine the best position for me for maximum power in the most aero position possible.  I love the science behind this sport we call cycling. Amazing stuff.

Here we are with one of Specialized's physicists in action.  
This aero helmet was found to have the least drag. 

The team adjusting and tweeking my fit. 

If you can't maintain the position, it doesn't work.  But this felt dialed in.  

One happy SBCU camper.  We found the perfect fit! 

Que lindo es sonar despierto.
How lovely it is to dream while you are awake.

Dreams That Have Come True