Friday, July 10, 2009

Get your OWN NEWTONS here!

I love my Newton running shoes. Really, I do. I bought my first pair at Ironman AZ back in November '08 and started training in them the very next week. Newtons are designed to mimic the foot strike of a barefoot runner -- a midfoot strike is a more efficient, natural way to run.

I did a lot of research on the shoes before I finally tried them out. I wanted to be sure that getting out of a stability/motion control shoe with an orthotic would be a wise move for me. But after running in them at London's Run in January, I said goodbye to my heavy Brooks Aeriels forever. Never again will I put such a heavy, thick, brick-of-a-shoe on my foot.

I have become a Newton groupie. I love that they stand out in a crowd with bright, day-glo colors. And I love how they have improved the mechanics of my run.

You should give them a try. Just order them here:

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