Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gilbert Has It Going On

I found a little hidden gem in Gilbert, Arizona last weekend.  K and I went for a run on the Gilbert canals and passed the beautiful Riparian Preserve.  What a nice place for a run!

The Preserve is 110 acres of land on the corner of Gilbert and Greenfield Roads.  There are gravel trails that wind their way through the park with marshes and desert landscape.  I think I saw cranes dipping their beaks into the water.  It was so cool!

Next to the Preserve is the eight-mile canal.  One side of the canal is paved, the other is dirt so runners and cyclists can both enjoy the trails through the city.  And every half a mile or so there are rustic bridges that cross the water, adding a quaint charm to the route.
Gilbert is really a great place to go for a run.  If you're looking for something new, give it a try.  Break from your own route and head to a new beautiful part of this great big city.

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