Thursday, October 4, 2012

Behind The Scenes...IMAZ 2012

I've got a new job.  A bit overwhelming and a bit under prepared but none the less, I'm now an official employee at:

Ironman Arizona is November 18th and from now until then, I'll be eating, drinking and sleeping Ironman.  We've got big things to do: logistics, volunteer assigning, doling out foundation monies, and making this event run like clockwork come race day.

A word about those foundation monies.  Ironman does a fabulous job of giving back to the community.  If you scratch their back, they'll scratch yours.  Charitable organizations with non-profit status can bring volunteers to the race in November, and in return, receive a sizable check for their charity as thanks for their services.  It's a beautiful thing.  To find out more just leave a message on my blog and I will get you all the information.

For now, I'm answering emails, checking on numbers and ticking off to-do lists.  Just a hint for anyone participating in or volunteering at an event as big as Ironman --  READ the information guides.  Most questions about the course are already answered in the athlete manuals.  Take the time to peruse these before any event.  There is a reason they were compiled for over 2000 athletes and 4000 volunteers.

Soap box done for the day.

Look for me if you're coming to Ironman.  I'm the tall one, probably sleep deprived, but happy to be surrounded by amazing athletes, selfless volunteers and thousands of cheering fans.  See you in T-minus 45 days!

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