Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Girona On A Bike

My husband recently returned from a cycling trip to Girona, Spain.  He went with three others friends on a "mancation" to ride bikes, sight see and enjoy the Mediterranean coast.  The boys were part of a Marty Jemison tour.  Marty is a former pro cyclists who rode with Lance Armstrong during those famous winning (and performance enhanced) years of glory.  Marty and his wife give public and private tours in Girona, the famous cycling town and throughout Europe.  You can find out more information here.  

If you ever want to enjoy Europe close up, a bike tour is the BEST way to travel.  The riding is usually between 30-70 miles per day, the accommodations are five star, and the food -- ah, the food is ridiculously amazing.  Plus, you can enjoy that food and have a second helping because you've already burned hundreds of calories on your morning ride!  Who's ready to go with me?

The charm of the European cobblestone streets is constant

Breathtaking Coastline

This is the entrance to Lance Armstrong's former home in Girona.

Riding a bike make you happy!

Such beautiful homes on such tiny streets

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