Sunday, April 19, 2015

Meb For Mortals

Just finished Meb's book on how to run, think, and eat like a champion marathoner.  Impressive, is all I have to say.  He values goals, commitment and hard work, not only in his marathon training, but also in life.

If you don't know Meb, he's the American runner who most recently won the 2014 Boston Marathon (first American since 1985 to do so). and the best spokesman I know for advocating the importance of running for a better YOU.  His book succinctly explains how to train better, run stronger and eat healthier in a way that will improve your overall health and your running capabilities.

In honor of Boston 2015, I salute you Meb, and also all the runners who will take to the streets tomorrow morning in the most exciting marathon in our country.  Run like the wind, everyone!  You're amazing.  And hopefully one day, I'll be back to run with you again.

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