Sunday, December 13, 2015

The "Pony" Tale

'Twas the seconds before Ironman...

And I was in a panic. I had lost my hair tie. A level of dread suddenly rose in my chest. Could I survive the next 12 hours without something to hold my hair back? Ugh! I guess. But it would not be fun. No. No, I needed a hair tie. I fell to my knees patting the ground in search of the black elastic “pony” that had disappeared while I was securing my swim cap.

The National Anthem had been sung and athletes were beginning to file toward the swim start.  “Help!" I shouted.  "Can anyone see a hair tie on the ground?” I understood that most men wouldn't have a clue a) why I needed that tie b) why I was in such a state of stress and even c) what a “pony” even was.

But one friend did. SHE dropped down with me in search of the needle in the haystack and then jumped up and ran away. I thought she was headed toward the start with that “oh well” attitude. But seconds later she returned with the prized possession in her hand, begged off the wrist of a nearby lady spectator.

I secured my hair, gave her a hug and we joined the others down the boat ramp to start our day.

Now this may not seem like such a big deal to most. But I will never forget this act of kindness that filled my heart “three sizes that day”. In the midst of my turmoil, SHE thought not of herself, but of me.

In the spirit of Christmas and the upcoming New Year, may we be more like HER: A little more selfless, a little more loving and a little more kind. Happy holidays, friends. May your new year be wonderful and secure.



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