Thursday, December 29, 2016


Twenty sixteen.  A year like no other in my life.  It started and ended in the worst way possible, but had so much good in between.  Here are the highlights:

January:  My sweet father-in-law passes away.
January:  We sell our beloved mountain home in Deer Valley, Utah the same day.

February:  We welcome our first grandchild, who becomes the light of our lives.
February:  We move out of our home for an extensive remodel on it.

April:  Our second daughter graduates from Culinary School and begins her chef life.

May:  Our only son graduates from high school.
May:  Our third daughter marries the love of her life and we celebrate with a beautiful wedding and reception.
May:  We move out of the rental home we are staying in because it gets sold and move into another temporary home.

July:  Our son heads off to college for a summer semester to get in a quick bit of school in before he leaves on his LDS  mission.

October:  Number One Son (and only) leaves on his two-year mission to Cuernavaca, Mexico and my husband and I officially become empty nesters.
October: I turn 50, and have an awesome friends party.
October:  My daughter separates from her husband and my life seems devoid of happiness.

December:  Divorce is signed.
December:  Let's end this year QUICK!

Not even my worst enemy should begin and end their year with the two d's - death and divorce  (I actually can't say I have any enemies).  At times it's been heart wrenching, eclipsing all the good that 2016 brought to our family.  I spent time in the fetal position unable to cope with a distressed daughter and loss of a son-in-law.   I refused to send out Christmas cards - a tradition that I have had for 28 years.  I was in a deep, dark place.

But friends and family helped me out of the quagmire.  They told me to press on, to get up and to get moving.  Exercise was my Xanax.  And that house remodel became the project that brought my husband and I closer as a couple.  My #2 is surviving.  She's catering to the most exclusive clientele in Park City, Utah.  Daughter #1 has become an amazing mom and the daily photo feed  of her daughter is the silver lining of my day.  Daughter #3 is so happy with her husband and is finishing her final semester of college.  And Number #1 Son smiled brighter than I've ever seen him as we Skyped on Christmas Day.  He exudes the light of Christ.

What have I learned this year?  So many things.

Don't judge others.
Don't fear change.
Empathize with friends/family who are going through hard times.
Look for the good in daily living.
A good book can make you escape reality even for an afternoon.
Pray, more often and more intensely.
Make and plan hard goals.
Dream Big.

I've tried in the past to not be too person on this blog.  But I wanted to share my heart with my tiny group of readers.  I find an outlet in writing that soothes my soul.  Twenty seventeen will be a much better year, I can already feel it.  Let's cheer each other on and share in the joys of life.  Because life is good.  And through the darkness emerges the sunrise -- every.  day.


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  1. My heart goes out to you -- and I so empathize with the Christmas card (and general social media) aversion and deep, dark place. I talked to a recruiter recently who said the #1 quality he now looks for in a candidate is resilience. Lucky for us, we're building plenty of that. Thanks for sharing your struggle and your key learnings. Here's to a much better 2017! <3


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