Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Fit

I've got to say, my eyes were opened this week in Newport Beach. I was staying with my family at the beach house my mother rents every year -- all 150 of us (okay, not 150). While I was there I saw lots of fitness going on. My mother walks at least four miles every morning. My sister has begun a running regimen. My sister-in-law has been logging miles on her new beach cruiser. And my brother, dum dah dah dum - has lost over 30 pounds using the Wii Fit! Wow! That is crazy talk. Thirty pounds working out on a board the size of a Monopoly game? I was shocked.

Andy's wife, Lisa, gave me the dish. She said he loved to see the graphics point 'downward' during his Wii weigh in each day. It got addictive! He loved to progress, or digress? Anyway, it worked for him! He is seeing results doing something he enjoys.

And that, my friends, is the key to exercise - do something you enjoy.

Margie's personal theme for 2008 was "Do What You Love". She shared it with all her scrapbook addicts. And now I am sharing it with you. Whether you do Bikram yoga, workout with a personal trainer, or shred on a wake board, when you find something you love, Do It! As time goes by, you can challenge yourself to go farther, or faster, or longer. Go ahead, enjoy yourself! And then Wii will all get Fit together.
BTW, it also helps to stay away from burgers and fries. Who is that ordering food in the window, anyway?


  1. Stay away from Ruby's.....and Seaside donuts....and Oh those Donuts...and BJ's....and those Balboa bars...are frozen banana's okay?


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