Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trying New Things

Now that the pressures of Ironman training are over, it's time to try new things -- like sleeping in, or yoga, or balancing on hazardous teeter-totter toys on a mountain bike.  Yes, I've done all three in the past few weeks, but that teeter totter action is a heart pounding, adreneline pumping good time.

Introducing Park City's newest delight for tricky trickster mountain bikers:  The Trailside Terrain Park.  Trailside Park is located about a mile south of I-80 and a mile west of US-40 near Silver Creek Junction. There's a one-mile, well-groomed singletrack loop. But the main reason to come here is the Skills Park, located on top of the ridge at the southern end of the loop.

You can start your adventure here, where you get to tackle stuff like this:

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When I drove up to the location, all I could see were tiny mountain bike helmets bobbing and weaving down the windy dirt path.  I quickly realized those were kids on the intermediate loop, rolling their bikes up and down the trail.  

As I looked farther into the distance, I saw my friends (the hard core mountain bikers) tackling the steeper track and jumping from bump to bump.  

I wish I had a disclaimer that read: This ride is more difficult than it appears on camera.  But the truth is, I learned plenty about the course from four-year-old Bridger, who led the way.  
Ah, the bravery of youth.  (Or is it naivety?)  Either way, the Terrain Park is a great way to improve your mountain biking skills.  There is a skate park next door, big open grassy areas for a picnic, and specular summer evenings that make for a perfect family night.  

I was sad to say goodbye to this place.  Can't wait to get back.  

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  1. Mountain biking scares me! I could bike over 150 miles in one day on my road bike. I could take on the heat and the hills on my road bike. I could push a 23 mph pace on my road bike. However, I was a nervous wreck when I attempted the XTERRA Eureka Springs course on a mountain bike. Ummmm, I didn’t make it very all. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was walking beside my bike for the few minutes I was on the trails. ha. I’m glad that you are going to be returning to a place that you found lots of fun though! You have a lot more guts than me!


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