Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Swiss Made BMC

Here's the bike that Cadel Evans rode in this year's Tour de France.  Fastest man on a bike, Cadel.  He won this year's TdF on his trusty BMC.

The designers of BMC have taken that same technology and given triathlete's the ultimate ride,  The Time Machine One (TM01).  For 13 grand, this baby can be yours.  

But for a more modest price of $3,000, the Time Machine 02 (TM02) is the way to go.  

The TM02 has 30 different position combinations between its seat tube and angled stem.   It's lines are clean and squared off.  It's top tube is flat as a pancake. 

Details, details, details -- BMS has covered them all.  Well done, Swiss engineers.  I like your style.   

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