Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Tame The Wild Locks

Swimmer hair.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.  Dry, brittle, damaged and unmanageable hair bleached by harsh chlorine and nasty chemicals.  Hair that has a mind of it's own when it comes to trying to style it.  Hair that puts the f in frizz or the s in straw, and the U-G-L-Y in, well you know.   Hair is just a never ending problem for swimmers.

I'm skeptical to try new products because I've never found anything that tames my mangy locks, until now.  Can I get  a "woot woot" for my new find at Interbike 2011?  New Reflect H20 shampoo and condish, pre-swim gel and chamois cream.

I brought home samples of their four products from Vegas, skeptical.  Man, was I wrong. 

First off, the shampoo smells deliciously fresh with a hint possibly?  One dose of the shampoo brought back some luster and shine to my hair, all the while smelling devine!  The conditioner turned my hair into smooth, style-able tresses that felt soft and ultra-conditioned even after I dried it.  My hair hadn't felt that good since I had a Keratin treatment several months before.  And I happily noticed that the Reflect H20 products are sulfate free, making them perfectly safe to use after an expensive salon treatment like a Brazilian Blowout.

The gals at Reflect also designed a pre-swim gel that I am now faithfully using before every swim.  It seals in the hair follicles so they won't absorb so much chlorine in the pool.  I used to try and wet my hair before I got into the water, but this gel is so much more convenient.  I love it!

And lastly, the Hoo Ha Glide chamois cream is beyond.  According their website, the cream is loaded with stuff like eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and tea tree oils.  Not to give you TMI, but long hours in sweaty, chafing cycling shorts can really do a number on those girlie parts.  I love the Hoo Ha Glide and endorse it 100 percent. 

I was SO taken with the Reflect Sports products that I contacted the company to see how I could spread the love.  They sent me samples and gave me a product code TEAM1125 for 25 percent off any of their products when you order online (helps with shipping if you can't find it locally).  They also list on their website where you can find their products locally.

I honestly hope they keep making their products forever.  I'm a girl with a new "do" now, thanks to Reflect H20.   And my undercarriage is pretty happy, too.

Check out their website at


  1. Thanks L! I ordered with the code (you have to remove the space). MF

  2. Thanks Lorie for the great review! Team Reflect


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