Monday, February 20, 2012

Consistency versus Rigidity

Loved these words from Runner's World.

Ask elite runners for the number one "secret" of their success and the most common response is one word: consistency.  "Consistent training promotes the physiological changes which are necessary for better performance, while inconsistent training stresses the body and can lead to injury," says Robert Martin, a San Diego running coach and personal trainer.

This explains why former marathon runners who have accomplished great things in the past cannot keep pace with their old times without a consistent plan and schedule.
Even Barbie keeps to a schedule
So how do you not confuse consistency with rigidity?  "It's okay to skip a run for a legit reason: it's not okay to repeatedly skip them if your reasons are as thin as an Ethopian runner."  Sometimes it's just making the choice to putting two feet on the floor instead of crawling back under the covers.

My tips:  train with a friend, set both short term and long term goals, and sign up for a race.  Training without a plan is a recipe for failure.   Like Chris McCormack always says, "A dream is a goal with a plan!"

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