Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finding Hills

Sometimes finding mountains to climb in an area named Mesa (the Spanish word for table) is a bit like going on a treasure hunt.  You have to ride a ways to get any sort of a decent pitch to tackle on your bike and mountains are few and far between.  Well, yesterday I went looking for said treasure and found the jackpot. 

Presenting Eagle's Nest in Fountain Hills, Arizona. 

First, the photos:
The views from the top of Eagle's Nest are breathtaking
I entered the neighborhood via the grand gated front entrance

Twisty, curvy streets added to the fun of the cycling through this beautiful Arizona neighborhood

Attention to detail is obvious as I rode through the streets, from the trail head markers to the rustic steel walking bridges. 

I found this spectacular neighborhood by turning off Beeline Highway, going north (L) on Shea, east (R)  on Saguaro then west (L)  on Palisades Road.  At Fountain Hills High School, I turned north and around the school and up to the Eagle's Nest development.

Eagle's Nest is a master planned community that has been hard hit by the stalled real estate economy.  The hills are dotted with monstrous multi-million dollar homes nestled into the lush desert landscape.  It's streets quiet and traffic free.  The area is a cyclist's paradise - safe, serene, killer climbs and spectacular views.  And to get there, be prepared to climb one hill that cautions motorists with a sign reading "18 Percent Grade."

Maybe I should keep this place a secret training ground for me.  I passed hundreds of cyclists on Shea Boulevard on the outward bound ride, and none of them followed me into this hidden treasure.  But it's really just to good to NOT share. 

I'll be heading out every Saturday to Eagle's Next for the next couple of months to hill train.  Anyone want to join me?


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