Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Warm Fuzzy

Thanks to my new partnership with Xterra, I can offer my "team members" aka blog readers, a discount on fabulous Xterra wetsuits.  I got this email from Erica my contact at Xterra yesterday:

We just dropped our prices for our sponsored clubs and teams from 55% off to 60% off. Your team is eligible for these amazing deals simply by entering your team's coupon code at checkout. As a reminder, your unique coupon code is C-GORILLA. As an added bonus, we're offering free FedEx Ground shipping within the United States with the purchase of any new wetsuit.
Prices are not guaranteed to last, so please take advantage while the prices are this low. Here's a list of our updated pricing at 60% off:
  • Vortex Sleeveless Wetsuit - $120 (regularly $300)
  • Vortex Fullsuit Wetsuit - $160 (regularly $400)
  • Vector Pro Sleeveless Wetsuit - $160 (regularly $400)
  • Vector Pro Fullsuit Wetsuit - $240 (regularly $600)
  • Velocity M Speedsuit - $150 (regularly $350)
Keep in mind, you can always click here for updated sponsorship pricing.
If any of your members purchased a new wetsuit within the last 30 days using your coupon code at 55% off, simply have them email me with their order number, and I will refund them the price difference.

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