Sunday, July 15, 2012

54th Annual Coronado ROUGH Water Swim

They named it well.  The July Fourth Rough Water Swim off the Coronado Island beach was indeed that.  The sea was angry, my friends.  And it didn't help that reports on the news that morning were informing San Diegans that great white sharks had been spotted in the swimming coves just miles up the coast.  But I had always wanted to compete in this event, and so I did.

The vibe and participants at this type of event are something different than those at triathlons.  Swimmers come to these events as families.  The day begins with the strong, youthful swimmers as young as eight and nine years old.  Their race distances are shorter than the mile course, but these kids are every bit as tough as any Ironman.  And none of them wore wetsuits.

The day continues with masters swimmers in their 30s and 40s.  And then the older swimmers, senior citizens, in fact.  Their bodies are not firm or pretty,  but they can glide through the water like they were born to do it.  The senior swimmers are so dialed into their swim technique and form that they easily pass the stronger athletes on the same course.  It's a spectacle to see them skipping out of the water all smiles and happy faces - even with temperatures hitting the low 60s in the water.

I like this race.  I enjoyed being part of the swimming family who came out in support of the amazing open water athletes of the City of Coronado.   The Rough Water Swim  is held every Fourth of July on Central Beach, under the misty morning clouds of the San Diego sky.  You can register on the day of the event for $55, (way less expensive than a triathlon entry fee and much shorter in length) leaving plenty of time to chow down at the Del Coronado breakfast buffet as your reward.

Next year,  I may try swimming without my wetsuit.  But don't quote me on that.  For sure I'll be back to swim with the Coronado crowd - and to celebrate my day with breakfast at the Del.

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  1. Awesome Lorie. A year ago I was neck and neck with you in France and now your out doing swim races in my native San Diego. Endurance Sport is a small world. Coming to Kona this year?


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