Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's Going On In Arizona

Lots going on in Arizona these days.  It's a crazy Wild West part of the country out here.  We get lots of wacky weather....

And around the athletic world, Troy Jacobsen filmed his latest Spinerval DVD at the store I work at, Trisports Tempe....

My friend Kent Nicholas from Mesa swam AROUND THE ISLAND OF MANHATTAN!  

He circumnavigated Manhattan, a 28.5 mile swim and finished in eight hours and eight minutes, putting him in the top 10 finishes in the event.  He's now set his sights on swimming the English Channel in 2013.

And of course, we are cheering on Breeja Larsen....

And only weeks away from this....

Ironman Arizona!   

The state of Arizona may only be 100 years old, but it's got LOTS to offer to the athletes of the world.  Come explore this state, if you're reading this from afar.  Don't come in August, the fall is a better time of year for tourists.  And make sure you stop in to TriSports on Mill to say hello!

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