Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunday Morning Central Park

 "Twenty two degrees out.  And the wind chill make it feels like 16."  That's what the newscaster reported before I started out for a run in the most famous park in the world.  The sun was out, but the icy chill in the air made my legs tingle and my fingers turn to icicles.  But there was no way I was turning back -- this was Central Park!

So I headed due north from the Theater District and could see the bare trees just a few blocks in front of me.  Traffic was light on a Sunday morning.  A few taxis here and there, but mostly one-way open roads that cut through skyscrapers.  I ran past Radio City Music Call, the Ed Sullivan Theater, Rockefeller Center onto the paths of the most amazing acreage of Manhattan and directly into --oncoming runners!  Today was the Manhattan Half Marathon!  Thousands of runners spending their morning in 16 degrees, running 13.1 miles.

I will never complain again about dipping desert temps in Arizona.  New Yorkers are tough.  I was amazed at their determination and spirit.  Nothing stops a New Yorker.  My morning was awesome.  My run, spectacular.

I love NY.

The dogs were loving the snow banks
The runners kept coming and coming

The freezing temperatures just added to the ambiance

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