Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Gloves Are On! ... (bc they don't have to come off)

I am a glove wearer when the weather turns frightful.  My fingers are usually the first things to go when temperatures dip.  Plus, my nose ALWAYS runs as I run ... TMI?  That's why gloves are essential for the chilly willy mornings.  That being said, I am big a fan of  Lululemon Running Gloves.

When a friend gives you a gift like these gloves, you know they are a true friend.  They're looking out for your well being.  They don't have to actually push their style onto yours.  They've taken care to get you something in your size.  I mean, THAT's the sign of a true friend and a perfect gift.

I've been running in these "Brisk Run" gloves for awhile now, and there are several reasons I enjoy them.  Number one, they're just the right balance of warmness yet breathability.  Number two, super soft and even reflective to oncoming cars.  But number three is my favorite:  the pads on the index and thumb of these gloves are made from a different material that allows you to text and turn on your phone without taking the gloves off.  Ingenious, right?  I mean, who want to expose their fingers to  frigid morning winter temperatures? Not me.

Basically, I'm having a hard time NOT finding something I like at Lulu.  But for now, these babies are at the top of my FAVORITE THINGS chart.  Oh, and the ear covering headband is a close second. But I'll save that for another day. 

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