Sunday, April 21, 2013

In an effort to drink more water, Hint has brought happiness into my life!
Full confession:  I have not kicked my soda habit.  But I am trying.  Really, I am.  I enjoy ice water.  There are times when it is soooo refreshing.  And other times when it is sooooo boring.  The problem for me lies in my super-convenient proximity to a Sonic Drive-In, where the beverages are a perfect combination of fizzy soda, pebble ice and that awesome styrofoam cup.  It's the ultimate trifecta, delivering optimal refreshment for a parched Arizona girl.

I needed other options beside RO water from a faucet or a Costco Kirland bottle.  So, while casually strolling the aisles of Sprout's Grocery the other day, I stumbled upon Hint Water: pure, clean water with hint of natural flavors.  No calories, no caffeine, and 100 percent natural.  Skeptic that I am, I bought ONE bottle and took it home and drank it the next day.  Holla!  It was delicious.  I went back and bought one in every flavor.  And each one was better than the next!

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can have a whole case of Hint Water delivered to your door for a fraction of the retail price of a grocery store, and shipping is free.  Word.  Try some today.  Even if it's just one.  I'm pretty sure you'll be back for more.  And your caffeinated/carbonated beverage addiction just might take a hit, like mine.

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  1. Oh man---I'm excited to try this! I am trying to stop drinking Diet Coke and it is HARD!


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