Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let's Get Real

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I rarely discuss my family life or my children on this blog.  My goal with this forum is to discuss "dreaming big" -- specifically inspired as I crossed the finish line of my first Ironman.  I had chosen a goal, followed through with my plan, and obtained my dream -- doing something bigger than I ever though possible as a not-so-competitive adult athlete.  It changed my life as  I then became a USAT Certified Triathlon coach, helping others achieve the same dream I had.  And I hoped that through my writing and coaching, I could help and inspire others to reach for something beyond their comfort zone and dream big, as well.  
But my dreams  don't always involve athletic pursuits.  Today my dreams are specifically for my children.  You see, my three girls (I also have a son) look at blogs of seemingly perfect model types who dress in ridiculously expensive clothes, with never a long, flowing hair out of place.  They browse through blogs with "candid photos" of  women strolling through of exotic locations wearing designer shoes and carrying pricey handbags.  The post photos are of "what they want", and "what they've already got."  In a word, my kids are bombarded by snapshots of a perfect world which is completely unattainable.  The shoot location is dreamy, the girl and her boyfriend are smiling, and the image is completely .... unreal.  
I dream for my kids is to live life constantly pursuing a better self.  I want them to strive to improve physically, spiritually, mentally, academically.   I want my girls to have a strong and confident body image without showing it off through immodest clothing.  I want them to take care of their outward appearance without breaking the bank on a out-of-their price range ensemble.

In the seemingly perfect world of these famous bloggers, one never reads about how they afford to wear what they wear, or who is financing their wordly travels, or who on earth is taking their "selfies" as they look away from the camera in a perfect pose through immaculate light.  Is anyone ever without makeup?  Girls ...  all girls,  comparison is the thief of joy!

I GET it.  These bloggers do what they do to get advertisers.  And wear what they wear because they are "sponsored".  Which begs the question: what is reality?  And why are you choosing to believe this is THEIR reality?

I'd love for my children to prepare meals that are colorful on their plate and help fuel their body so they are energetic!  I'd love my children to be able to run in a charity race or get their namaste on at yoga, or tackle a challenging Crossfit class.  I want them to be confident in their beauty and rock a Target sweater and drugstore makeup.  I want them to be well read, enjoy a beautiful piece of music, and get mesmerized by a masterpiece of art.    I want them to travel when they can afford to travel.  And to be good people -- who know who they are and where they came from.  

And from my book of life:

Show Up
Be A Good Friend
Find Courage
Take Chances
Remember Your Worth
and of course, always
Dream Big


  1. This is perfect my friend. You echo my thoughts to the tee and do so with the perfect amount of love and motherly advice. I love you and your girls so much.

  2. This is perfect my friend. It echoes my thoughts to a tee and does so with just the right amount of love and motherly advice. Love you and your girls so much!

  3. Lori, you are such a good mom and an amazing example. I hope someday to express these same wants and desires to my own children. I love your blog.

  4. Lori, you are such a good mom and amazing example. I hope that someday I can express to my kids these same wants and desires for them to get out of life. I love your blog.

  5. Oh Lori--It is one o'clock in the morning--yes insomnia--comes with age--I was inspired to read your blog as I always am--but I particularly loved this post, the youth of today are given too much, they are truly bombarded with what the "worlds" standards of living are--but truly, when all is said and done--we will all be dressed in white, enjoying eternal family and friends--and btw there will be no name brands where we are going--love you


Que lindo es sonar despierto.
How lovely it is to dream while you are awake.

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