Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gary's Take On The Women Tell All

The “Women Tell All” turned into more of a “Women Don’t Tell All” as Juan Pabs pretty much got let off the hook last night. There were two obvious camps of women last night…the ones who made out with Juan (and were reluctant to bash him) and the ones who did not make out with Juan (and were obviously scorned). Juan says his strategy wasn’t to make out with 27 women but we can all agree that was a flawed strategy. 

The over/under on make out sessions should be 15 women. Andi really didn’t come through with any additional nuggets inside the fantasy suite and very nearly made herself  look bad. And the way Chris was pumping up Sharleen? I would say who they eventually cast as Bachelorette is more wide open than originally thought…let’s say its 50% Andi, 45% Sharleen, 4% Renee, 1% Cassandra…negative -5% Lauren. Cassandra a little too scorned when she tried to attack Juan meeting Renee’s kid which backfired on her. Overall let’s just say Juan came out looking better than when he was going in. Bachelor fame + massive dating opportunity in tack. 

Here’s what else we learned:
Seemed like a little tension there in the Sean-Catherine love nest due to Sean’s “quick fireworks”. Sounds like Renee and the Coach met and are getting along. Andi keeping her deck clear to be the next Bachelorette. The dog lady was offended about Juan’s gay comments but no one was upset about her dog pooping in the pool. Juan offering to explain after the show a good strategy cause no way would he make sense and she’d finally give up and accept his “apology” (see Clare, Andi). 

Panning the Bachelor studio audience I saw at least 6 dudes there so that made me feel better.

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