Friday, April 18, 2014

A Painful Post

I got a little boo boo two weeks ago.

While this is not MY xray, it does show you what a broken clavicle looks like, which is exactly what happened to me on the Bicycle Haus night mountain bike ride on April 2.

Without going into painful detail, let's just say I (nearly 50) should maybe not try and ride as fast as the balls-to-the-wall boys half my age.  Also, it is a great idea for me to ride BEHIND said boys, not in the middle of the pack.  The BH boys are nice and they WILL wait for me at the appointed no-drop stops.  Bringing up the rear is my new mantra.  Why have the pressure of trying to keep up with the front and not slow down the back of the pack?  With age comes wisdom.  Another good mantra.  

Anyway, ouch.  I am 2.5 weeks out from the trip to the ER and I'm still in constant  pain.  Surgery, at this point, is not required due to the clean "non-displaced" break.  What IS required is 12 weeks of healing.  No swim.  No bike.  No run.  So I have, temporarily, embraced.... walking!  

Part of being on the mend is the absolute necessity to slow down and let things heal.  Big jarring movements are not okay.  Walking with the neighborhood ladies has been refreshing therapy for me lately.  And I also have a little more time to embrace my first love:  books.  

Figuring that you read this blog to motivate yourself to dream big and plan goals outside your comfort level, I give you THIS manual of just how to steer yourself in that direction.  The Promise of a Pencil is a inspirational story of Adam Braun, who has now build over 250 schools in developing nations around the globe.  Braun's story is a remarkable journey of how he saw a need, made a goal, formulated a plan and achieved a dream.  I LOVED it.  

If you're looking for a jump-starter read to get you motivated to conquer your biggest challenge or goal in life, I suggest you read his book ASAP.  

And now, off for a walky.

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