Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Solid Advice From The Incredible Shrinking Woman

My aunt has been slimming down and getting fit over the past year.  Her story is simple yet profound.
I asked her to share what has worked for her in her weight loss journey.  She'll share her story, but NOT her before and after photos.  Take it away, Val!

I found myself in my mid-fifties with high blood pressure, kidney stones, and about 60 extra pounds.  I had always been able to say before “Oh, I’m overweight but my blood pressure and cholesterol are ok”—then suddenly they weren’t!  Arthritis was also becoming a problem.  Who wants to live that way?  Not me!  So I went back to Weight Watchers and got on track with healthy eating, and started to get active.

Every day I walk, do Wii-Fit, and/or go to the gym—I’m addicted!  I try to exercise for about 40-50 minutes a day.  I have signed up for several 3-5k walk/runs—and find myself running part of them!  I hate running—I thought! In less than a year, I have lost and kept off 60 pounds, and significantly increased my fitness level.  I feel great, and people tell me I look great.  My doctor wants to use me as a poster child for following doctor’s orders (you know, eat right, exercise, yadda yadda yadda).  So if you think it’s impossible to get fit and feel better, just ask me.  Being healthy is what it’s all about!  I may not be an Ironwoman, but it feels pretty good to know that I can enjoy life and accomplish my goals.

One thing I have discovered is that it’s all about habits.  If I give in to fast food/junk food, I start craving it again.  The longer I avoid those bad boys, the easier it is to enjoy the sweet taste of fresh veggies and lean protein.  Additionally, if I start missing a day here or there of activity, suddenly it becomes a burden instead of fun.  And it’s all about fun!  Good luck to all of you out there who are struggling to change to a healthy  lifestyle, and congrats to all you marathoners/ironpeople/milers/swimmers—you guys are awesome!


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