Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's Your Vision?

July 4, 1952.  Florence Chadwick, who had previously swam the English Channel, now attempted the twenty-one-mile swim from the southern California mainland to Catalina Island.  The water was a freezing 48 degrees.  The fog was thick and visibility almost nil.  

Finally, only a half mile from her destination, she became discouraged and quit.  The next day reporters clamored around her asking her why she had quit - had it been the cold water or the distance?  It proved to be neither.  She responded, "I was licked by the fog."  

She then recalled a similar experience while swimming the English Channel.  Evidently the fog was likewise engulfing.  She was exhausted.  As she was about to reach out for her father's hand in the nearby boat, he pointed to the shore.  She raised her head out of the water just long enough to see the land ahead.  With that new vision, she pressed on and became the first woman to conquer the English Channel.  

 Are you doing the same things day after day without any purpose to your workouts?  Are you following the same generic training program as your workout buddy?  When was the last time you challenged yourself to try/do something new or different in your training?  Are you locked in your aero bars looking down at the road and missing the scenery around you?

With increased vision comes increased motivation.  Today try looking at things a little differently.  Run a new course.  Change your cycling schedule.  Swim as the sun rises from the East.  Just for today, go off auto-pilot and enjoy yourself.  

I think you'll like it. 
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