Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Steve's Recap of Ironman New Zealand

I woke up early to it pouring rain.  I had checked the weather reports continuously prior to race day hoping that something would change.  I had no idea that it would get worse.  I headed into town to the transition area and pulled the plastic wrap that protected my bike and helmet throughout the night. 
 Mirinda Carfrae and Joann Lawn were both getting the rundown on the weather- what I heard was really wet and really fast!  I headed to the transition tent where the body marking was taking place and joined the other thousands of athletes taking shelter from the rain.  I decided it was best to put on my wetsuit while in the tent and still somewhat dry.  

I headed down to the swim start which is approximately 400 yards and downhill from the tents.  It was dark and gloomy outside with it still pouring rain, which had me curious as to how I would sight with no sun and tinted swim goggles.  After the cannon signaled the beginning of the race we were off.  

After making it out of the water I headed to my bike and gear which was completely soaked.  Out on the race course I encountered rough roads (chip seal), the ruts in the roads were filled with water, heavy rain and winds.  Although the tail wind helped push me back in to town on both loops.  Coming out of transition, I went from wet to more wet.  It rained the entire time making the run a little rough.  
My K-Swiss running shoes did the job and drained really well!  Having a coke and potato chips helped push me through the run.  

But, the most amazing thing about this Ironman event is the amount of support along the race course from the people of Taupo!  Rain or Shine, they were all out there rooting us on and made a gloomy day a cheerful and fun race.  Just a side note- we had 2.75 inches of rain for the day!           
Congratulations, Steve!

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