Monday, March 21, 2011

This One's For The Ladies

Let's be honest, swimming three times a week and running or riding in the elements sans sunscreen does not do a beauty regime good.  Triathletes tend to start resembling dried prunes with slits for eyes on their windburned faces.  Pedis and manis go by the wayside because polish won't last and foot callouses seem to block pain.  And the hair do just doesn't get did.

Which is why I suggest ONE beauty secret that DOES last:  Shellac manicures!

My dear, sweet ultra fashionable friend Courtney turned me onto this secret.  C even writes a blog about fashion dos and don'ts.  You can find her here.

So C invited me over a few weeks ago to have my first Shellac manicure.  My nails are short.  And paper thin.  There is a crack in my left thumbnail that constantly plagues me with ripped or chipped nails.  Ugh.

Too much time in the water is another reason I don't upkeep the toesies.  When you swim, your toenails can sometimes scrape the sides or bottom of the pool and all traces of a cute nail polish are completely ruined.   C assured me Shellac would be different.  And it is.

My last two manicures with Shellac have lasted me two weeks without any chips at all!  My hands look pretty with a nice glossy polish and my fingernails have grown past their usual nubs because of the hardness of the glaze.  The mani takes about 30-45 minutes and immediately after you're done you can grab your keys out of your purse without any trouble and be on your way.  I love it!

Shellac nails = my new favorite beauty tip.  Next month, I might try doing my hair more than once a week.

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  1. my friends are raving about this....i don't have long nails but i would love it for my toes !!!


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