Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall In Love

Fall has hit it's peak in the Utah mountains last week.  The trees were on fire and the Aspen leaves covered the ground with their golden petals.  From a distance the mountains looked as if they were covered in a wooly orange and brown blanket.  But inside the trees, the trails were thick with golden sunlight and soft with cushions of leaves.  I felt like Dorothy following the path of the yellow brick road....  
Can't stop smiling on the Mid Mountain Trail  
Abandoned Mine 
Breaking through the dense trails to spectacular views
Spiro Mine Trail -- There are mines throughout the mountains in Park City

Alpine Loop
More from Alpine Loop
I got lucky to hit the foliage in such a glowing and magnificent state.  It won't last long.  Winter is coming.  But for today, I was thankful to witness God's artistic handiwork.  

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