Saturday, October 1, 2011

So You Think You're A Bad A?

Triathletes.  We think were pretty awesome.  After all, we bike a bazillion miles a week, and that's after we swim one million laps in the pool.  We trail run and long run and speed run and then recover run.  It's all quite a spectacle of human ability.

So if you're thinking you're all that and a bag of chips, it's time to read this little book here:

Unbroken is the story of Louis Zamperini.  His story is incredible and I thought this reviewer said it best:  

From Laura Hillenbrand, the bestselling author of Seabiscuit, comes Unbroken, the inspiring true story of a man who lived through a series of catastrophes almost too incredible to be believed. In evocative, immediate descriptions, Hillenbrand unfurls the story of Louie Zamperini--a juvenile delinquent-turned-Olympic runner-turned-Army hero. During a routine search mission over the Pacific, Louie’s plane crashed into the ocean, and what happened to him over the next three years of his life is a story that will keep you glued to the pages, eagerly awaiting the next turn in the story and fearing it at the same time. You’ll cheer for the man who somehow maintained his selfhood and humanity despite the monumental degradations he suffered, and you’ll want to share this book with everyone you know. --Juliet Disparte

When I saw the book on my husband's night stand I thought I would never pick it up.  I was NOT interested in another World War II story that would rehash the details of battles fought over the Pacific.  But I kept hearing how GREAT this book was.  And when I was told that it was about a RUNNER, I dove right in.  I'm not going to give anything way, but being stranded at sea on a inflatable raft for 48 day is only part of Louie's incredible journey.  Agressive sharks, fighter planes, prison camps -- I mean, how much can one guy endure?  

There aren't that many books that can keep me wanting more -- wishing I could stay awake all night with toothpicks holding my eyelids up.  But this one, well, it's right up there on the new favorites list.  I absolutely love Zamperini.  He is a true American hero.  If this book doesn't make you laugh, cry and inspire you to push through your trials and pains, nothing can.  And Lauren Hillenbrand is a masterful writer.  Kudos to her. 

Problem is, now I'm sad the story is over.  I need another gripping novel that will make my heart race and keep me wanting more.  

Any suggestions?

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  1. loved that book. did you read a long run by matt long ???


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