Thursday, January 19, 2012

"The Front Is For Show, The Back Is For Go!"

Week two of Crossfit Endurance has proved to be a challenge to my body.  I've learned my flexibility is weak but my endurance is strong.  I've moved and done things I have never done before.  It's been a blast, it's been a chore -- but I like it.  

My slave driver in this experiment is Dave Eaton.  His blog chronicles his two years in the sport and his daily exercise regimen.  When we first began, he explained the difference between his program and the typical weight training workout.  Weight trainers train to look good.  They want big pecs and beefy arms.  They want a lean waistline with six-pack abs.  But Crossfit exercise with a purpose of moving faster and jumping higher and perfecting whole-body fitness. 

Crossfit athletes work on movements that combine balance, strength, accuracy and complete body fitness.  In Crossfit Endurance they organize a plan of strength coupled with endurance training via swim, bike and run to produce a faster triathlete or marathoner or century cyclist.

Dave and I are joining forces with his knowledge of Crossfit and mine of USAT Coach triathlon training.  If you are interested in training with us for a) Crossfit or b) Triathlon/Endurance training with a Crossfit emphasis, contact either of us today.

It's time to change things up.  Come be a part of the change.

P/S  I really need to work on that "go" part of training....


  1. I have been hearing some things about this and I am curious in starting this up, but what kind of diet or eating plan do you follow when you do this kind of workout/program? - Reagan

    1. Reagan, Dave follows the Paleo diet plan and I am still addicted to carbs, so I am not quite there yet. But he swears by it and says the results are amazing!

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