Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take A Stance

Sometimes it's all about the gear.  And new socks, well, they're important.  The mountain biking world has long known about these fabulous socks by Stance, but I'm just getting on the band wagon -- always a little late, I might add. 

Why do I like these socks?  First off, they're cute.  They come in great patterns, colors and designs.  Second, they're softer than soft.  And third, their above-the-ankle-but-below-the-calf length is perfect for mountain biking, where one needs a little protection but not always knee-length protection from the cactus and granite and dirt below.

I'm also loving that you can order them from Zappos with free shipping.  And I'm excited to try the different styles for skiing and maybe the shorter ones for running.  It's a shame to hide such a nice sock under a shoe but your feet will love it when you do*.

*Rhyme free of charge, today.

Find out more at www.stance.com

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