Friday, April 13, 2012

Boston, Baby!

It's that time of year again, the best of the best runners around the world assemble in Bean Town to pay homage to the sport of running.  The city billboards scream glad tidings of great joy from Nike.  The malls are filled with spectacular bodies with less than 10 percent body fat and defined legs that even LOOK fast.  And everyone who is running is wearing the year's new Boston Athletic Association's participant jacket.

Looks like this year it's gonna be red

In case you hadn't remembered here are the Boston Marathon qualifying times:

Age Group Men Women
18 - 34 3:05:00 3:35:00
35 - 39 3:10:00 3:40:00
40 - 44 3:15:00 3:45:00
45 - 49 3:25:00 3:55:00
50 - 54 3:30:00 4:00:00
55 - 59 3:40:00 4:10:00
60 - 64 3:55:00 4:25:00
65 - 69 4:10:00 4:40:00
70 - 74 4:25:00 4:55:00
75 - 79 4:40:00 5:10:00
80 and over 4:55:00 5:25:00
The Mall decor tells it all...

So it all comes down to this.  You have to be a respectable runner to join these ranks.  And if you are and if you go, you'll be part of the best running event you have ever imagined.   The Boston Marathon lives up to the hype.  The start at Hopkinton is quaint yet huge at the same time.  The stacked crowds cheer for nearly all of the 26.2 miles of the course.  And you CAN really hear the screaming co-eds yelling and screaming for the runners from Wellsley college nearly a half mile from campus.

In 2011, I was lucky enough to be part of this race.  And this year, the girl who got me there, Amy Sessions will take her turn on the course, with a qualifying time much more impressive than mine.  She is going for a "sub-three" race on Monday.
Fast Amy with her son, Nick.
If you think about it, send her some positive vibes out on Patriot's Day, April 16th.  She'll be wearing race bib 4292.  And the rest of my running buddies, Kim, Barbara, Scott and the rest of you, run fast and stay safe.  Good luck out there!  I'm so excited for you!

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