Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Signature Style on Swimwear

Last week I was coaching Masters and a girl in the pool asked me to hand me her kick board.  "Mine's the one with the zebra stripes," she said.

When I walked over to retrieve her board, I noticed not only her kick board with a stripe of zebra down the middle, but that same stripe on her fins, her snorkel and around her swim bag.  She then told me she had bought a roll of patterned duct tape at a craft store and and had taped her "trademark" on all her swim essentials.

Michael's Crafts had a great selection of colored and patterned duct tape.  I am definitely going to add
my signature stripe to all my swim gear.  Just got to find the time to get over there and do it.  Stay tuned for photos.

Consider this my way of helping us all swim in style.

You're welcome.

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