Sunday, August 26, 2012

Which Does What Mean? Running Definitions Courtesy of Runner's World Magazine

The Phoenix Marathon Team takes sixth place overall at the Hood To Coast Challenge, with over 1,000 teams at their event!  Thanks for sharing via Instagram, Dave!

Whether you're following advice from a coach, or mapping your way to your next race via a pre-printed workout plan, you need to KNOW the difference between a tempo run and an easy run.  Here are Runner's World's definitions of each type of run in a typical marathon plan.  Know your stuff --  a run without a plan is just a mindless workout.
REST:  No exercise at all or nonimpact cross-training, yoga, or swimming.
EASY RUN:  Running at a conversational pace, rest, or cross-train with a sustained aerobic effort.
HILL:  Run the hilliest course you can find, sustaining an even effort as you climb and descend.
HILL REPEATS:  Find a hill that takes at least two minutes to climb: mark off a short repeat halfway up from the bottom.  Warm up for two miles then run to the short mark three or four times.  Jog down to recover.  Then run to the top, jog down to the short mark, then sprint to the bottom (without slapping your feet).  Repeat three or four times.  Finish with three or four sprints up to the short mark.  Cool down with two easy miles.
MILE REPEATS:  Warm up for one mile, then run one mile at 10-K pace.  Jog a half-mile.  Repeat as directed.  Cool down with one easy mile.
LSD: Long, slow distance runs build endurance.  Run them at one or two minutes slower than marathon goal pace.
MP: Marathon goal pace.  Warm up for one mile, then run your target speed.  Cool down with one easy mile.
YASSO 800s:  Warm up with easy running, then run 800 meters at the give time that's "equal" to your marathon time.  So, if your goal is 3:45 marathon and the workout calls for "9 miles + 6x Yasso 800s" run 6x800 and run each 800 in 3 minutes 45 seconds.  Recover with 400 meters of jogging and walking.  Then repeat the cycle.  Cool down with easy running.


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