Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Workout Within A Workout = Efficiency

Trivia for the "non-swimming" folks out there...swimming 3000 yards (something many of our 10 and unders and masters do each workout) in a 25 yard pool equals 120 push-offs (each wall)-----or the equivalent of a 20 minute squat workout in the gym!

Impressive, right?  That's a Facebook post from Tall Paul, one of the great coaches at Mesa Aquatics Masters in Mesa, Arizona.  Paul Smith is a living, breathing example of how swimming will keep you lean and in shape.  He's a lifelong swimmer and has cultivated his passion for the water to everyone who is willing to give swimming a try.  You can read more about him here:

Paul has passed along quite a bit of his wisdom to me, when I took a coaching position with MAC this summer.  Among his favorite pointers:

*  You have to slow down to speed it up when it comes to swimming. Technique technique technique! 

*  After technique has been improved, swim different speeds and distances every workout.  Make one day an interval workout, one day a distance, one day a tempo and one day a recovery swim -- similar to marathon training.

*  Don't give up on FLIP TURNS!  Work on these regularly.  Their benefits include breathing control, streamlining, and feeling that fast, underwater form when you push off the wall.

*  Swim toys are fun.  Use fins, snorkel, buoys and paddles regularly in your workout.  They help!

* And lastly, join a Master's Team near you today.  You won't regret it.  

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