Friday, December 21, 2012

Skins Vs. CEP

 Let's talk compression.  I, for one, am all for it.  I believe the hype, the claims, the promises.  Compression works for me.  I love it when I run AND when I'm recovering.  But I've become a bit of a compression snob.

Exhibit A:
Here are two types of compression gear that I wear.  The top pink sock is by CEP, a company who started in medical grade compression and moved into the lucrative athletic wear department. Their stocking are ribbed and have graduated compression, which means they are tighter down toward the feet and less tight up by the calves, allowing for the blood to move more quickly back to the heart.

The calve sleeve below pinkie is by Skins.  Skins began as an athletic wear compression company from the get go.  The model I own is a stirrup sleeve, which allows an athlete to wear any sock he or she desires while working out while providing compression to the calve muscle and legs.
I enjoy both items.  But I have some opinions of my own.

First, for pure compression, I believe the CEP socks are overall, the better sock.  They are TIGHT and a chore to put on.  And they make my legs feel good long after I am done with my run.  For me, they are the best choice for RECOVERY, especially.  

The SKINS socks, on the other hand, are SUPER comfortable.  They glide right over your calve and the fabric is soft and smooth -- kinda like wearing stretchy pants.  For me, the SKINS are the easy choice to wear during a long run, while the CEP is clearly the choice post run.  

There is a big thang coming to town on March 2nd, called The Phoenix Marathon.  I have been doing all of my long runs with the compression socks --- so far so good.  I'll keep you posted on the progress. My legs feel pretty good during my runs.  Stay tuned for more updates on gear that works.  

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