Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Cycling Enthusiast

Lets face it:  fashion is fun. And when cycling and fashion mix, an athlete is left with a collage of spandexy, wicking-ish, colorfully body hugging wonder wear. I have a special love for the bright orange kits worn by those crazy Basque riders from Spain.  Eustakel Euskadi cyclists are fierce competitors in the cycling world.  Their in-your-face orange jerseys scream LOOK AT ME as their riders scale the mountains of the French Alps like they were butterflies.  Everyone needs one.

Sacha just brought these babies back from said Basque country.  Never-been-worn, tags still on them, authentic European cycling gear.  She's selling the jerseys and bibs  for $70 each.  Contact her at to pick yours up today.  

Euskatel cycling jersey plus bib shorts.  Unisex size medium

Bilboa jersey, red and black, spectacularly awesome!  

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