Sunday, August 30, 2009

Breakfast on the go

As you train for a marathon or long distance triathlon, it will become necessary for you to eat before a workout. For me, this is sometimes a difficult task. Who wants to wolf down bacon and eggs at three o'clock in the morning? And let's not get started about what a number that will do to your tummy -- digesting and running at the same time do not always mix.

So I've started taking Ensure. Yep, the "old lady" drink that you find in the nutrition aisle in the drugstore. Ensure is a complete nutrition meal replacement shake. It's easy to drink and will power you up for a long training day. I've been drinking the dark chocolate flavor and I have to say, not bad. It's just like drinking a 10 ounce glass of chocolate milk but with more benefits.

This strategy may not work for everybody. But so far, I like it for me. It keeps me satisfied and is EASY. And easy is good.

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