Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Behold, the $55 cycling sock

I found these in a high end "Snottsdale" cycling shop. Yes, you read it correctly, $54.95. For two socks. Cashmere, okay. But two socks.

I am constantly reminded that the cycling world has two distinct consumers: those that ride because they love to ride, and those that ride because they love the gear. I had this epiphany at the top of Bald Mountain this year in Deer Valley, when I realized I was riding next to nearly 24 thousand dollars worth of mountain bikes, and four riders.

I don't want to fault anyone. But as I scanned the hill and watched the local teenagers tearing up the mountain on their beat up, squeaky clunker bikes, it didn't take a rocket scientist to notice that expensive gear does not equal a better time on the bike. These young riders were laughing, screaming, and enjoying their ride just as much as my swanky Assos-clad friends. (Assos =Swiss made cycling apparel/expensive)

When my younger brother Dave decided to try out cycling for himself, he jumped on my old aluminum Specialized and proceeded to pass every cyclist on the road. He didn't need the most lightweight, newly-released titanium model. He just needed a bike and his freakishly strong legs and he was hooked.

So if you are all about the $550 handmade Italian cycling shoes, or the top-of-the-line Pinarello... go on, and enjoy. But remember that it doesn't take the newest ride on the street to enjoy a great day of cycling. It only takes you and two wheels...and a comfortable seat.

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  1. My name is Jim Auwen, and I absolutely approve this message.


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