Monday, October 5, 2009

Why I Love The Marathon

In a word - DRAMA. There's more butterflies, tears, elation and suspense in that twenty six point two miles than any bestselling novel or box office movie out there. And Saturday I observed it all.

Thirteen point one. Halfway up Snow Canyon Parkway. That's where I positioned myself to help cheer on the Mesa gang for the 2009 St. George Marathon. Check off that first half, folks, it's on to victory now! And within a few minutes - the race unfolded. First, the quiet and beautiful wheelchairs sliced down the highway. Silent, amazing and inspirational. The men and women would push and push and push their wheels with a cadence as fast as any runner's stride.

A few minutes later the first runner passed -- so effortless and efficient. (So THAT is what running is supposed to look like.) The chasers came singularly at first. One. Then another. Then another. Until Ben LeSueur in his neon singlet whooshed past me in a blaze of glory. He would go on to finish at 2:37, his personal best and a top twenty finish. After that, the gaps begin to close. Runners filled the expanse of the highway. And mixed between the colorful tanks, shorts and visors, I got a glimpse of my friends.

We ran individually and collectively for the next hour and fifty minutes. I chatted. They listened. (I've never had such a captivated audience!) I retrieved water, and talked them through the hills. And in return, they rocked it. I know they suffered. I know they challenged themselves. But they finished strong. There were goals realized and Boston times achieved. It was a PR day for many.

Congratulations to all the finishers. You inspired me with your determination and dedication. I know it wasn't easy. I watched you dig deep and turn those legs over. I watched you follow your heart. It was a day of dreams and I loved participating without being a participant. Thank you for inspiring me to reach higher in all that I do.

Kudos to Karen Scoresby, Michelle and Jared Cox, Charlotte Rush, Jenny Allen, Amanda and Mitch Bogle, Jacque Arnett, Sally Johnson, the Tri Mesa Boys. And Dawn Bollinger, Cordell Rogers, and Marnie Brian too!

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  1. You were a great source of power/distraction/inspiration/encouragement during that race! Thanks, Lorie!


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