Saturday, October 31, 2009

Talk To Me

If you ride or run regularly and haven't purchased your Road ID yet, now is the time.

Road ID is personal identification system that you wear as a bracelet or anklet. It's good for runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes and even kids! It provides important emergency contact phone numbers in case you are in an accident or can't identify yourself.

I wear the anklet when I ride. Every time. And so do most of my cycling buddies. But recently my friend told me she had bought ID bracelets for all five of her kids to wear at Disneyland. Genius! Haven't we all been lost or have lost children at Disneyland? Wait, that might just be me. I am one of six Funk kids.

Believe me, I am aware of the hazards of cycling. And I am confident a Road ID can buy you valuable time if you are in need of medical attention. Just to be safe, order yours today.

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