Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anatomy of a Tri Store

 And this...  
And this..

But more important than all the gear are the supportive friends who celebrate  your grand opening with you.

The ones who come take a look, even though they aren't triathletes, or athletes at all.  The ones who wander around the store and browse at things like saddlebags, and pool buoys and Zipp wheels.  "Two thousand dollars for bike wheels?"  Or, "You're really going to wear something that .... tight?"

No, it just wouldn't be the same without those who question why you would ever do something as crazy as an Ironman, while contemplating when they might finish their first sprint tri.

Iron Gear Sports is now open for business, thanks to best friends, Facebook fans and loyal family members.  Whether you're an over trained competitor or a sideline Iron Mate, no one is more important than anyone else in this crazy world.  We do this together.  And that's what makes it worth doing at all. 


  1. Excellent post, and great perspective. I wish you all the success you can stand.

    Friends forever, Jim

  2. It looks awesome! I cannot wait to check it out! sorry we missed the OH! Softball takes over our lives come April/May!


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