Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Right Age to Start Swimming Lessons

After 26 years of teaching kids summer swimming lessons, I've learned a thing or two.  I'm sure even Michael Phelps started out with these bits of wisdom.
1. To become a good swimmer, join a swim team.  Even summer programs will be enough to learn all four strokes well.

2.  The best age to put your child in lessons is two years old.  Maybe that's just me, but they seem to take it all in at that age.

3.  Crying goes in one ear and out the other to an instructor.  Crying will stop.  Don't let that keep you from bringing your kids to lessons.

4.  The more lessons you can provide for your little one, the better.

5.  Don't overreact when your child falls in.  Stay relaxed, fix the problem, and never let your kids see you panic.

6.  Feeding kids right before a lesson is a NO NO!

7.  Keep arm floaties off your kids arms and never around their waists if they cannot swim on their own.

Eight tips.  Eight is enough for today.  Over and out.

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