Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sporting Wisdom From Herm

1.  Never Yell at a referee, umpire or coach.  They are there to do a job and you need to respect their authority.  Be a good sport.

2.  If a game is too close for comfort and you can't bear to watch, it's okay to step outside and wait for the results.

3.  Vin Scully full blast at night on AM Radio is a great way to put kids to sleep.

4.  It's not about the game.  Kids are just happy to go with you - whether it's the Suns, ASU basketball or even a high school game.

5.  When Mom says "No Balls In the House", a ball made of socks is just as fun, until you knock over a lamp.
**WAIT, that bit of wisdom might be from the Funk boys, not Herm.

6.  Turning on the floodlights at the city ballpark is a very important part of the game.  Don't ever forget to do that.

7.  A calm demeanor and a smile can only help when dealing with two angry softball players.

8.  Take your turn at a marathon water station.  You'll never look at a race or runners the same way again.

9.  A lover of sports, fitness and anything "outdoorsy" might not raise children who love the same things.  But they'll always respect the game, the athlete and the experience.

10.  It's never to late to start something.  Just do it.

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