Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bachelor Week Three

by Gary

Well Lore, I watched the Juan Pablo Bachelor tonight and I have a few thoughts. First, afraid to say it but Juan's new car smell is starting to wear off. Some of his pants selections are questionable. I think those were first ever skinny capri sweat pants for a man ever. And the way he runs into buildings first, never holds open doors, bounds up stairs before any of the ladies...a little bizarre. Hey a cool drinking game (if we drank) could be every time he says "Ay yi yi" take a chug. And how about a few more courtesy make outs for crying out loud. Throw a gal a bone here. Slightly uncomfortable. He's probably not a total train wreck I guess but not going as planned.

Second, how cool was South Korea? That Korean Spice girls mall? We would hit that place every Saturday. Also, was it me or did the gals seem more excited about S Korean than going on dates with not so Juan? Third...looks like a 4 team race between Andi (although she dissed his dancing and he was upset about it), Nikki (not so fun...not so carefree), Sharleen (he interrupted her opera singing which was a little weird) and Clare (got a Juan to break his no smooching rule and has to be top of the loser...er I mean leaderboard). Frankly, let's just skip to the week of "Women Tell All" (always a treat).

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