Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dream Big Nutrition Challenge Phase Two!



Once again we are embarking on a 21-DAY Challenge to healthy eating, weight loss and making more nutritious choices. Our last month's competitors have helped to tweek our contest so your goals are based on YOUR NEEDS!  Here are the details for Dream Big Phase TWO! 

FIRST: download and get familiar with the website and app called  Record your information, your goals and your fitness.  This is a food and exercise log.  After a few days of getting used to logging in your food and exercise, we will begin our challenge on Monday, January 6, 2013

SECOND:  Entry fee is $25 via paypal into the Lorie Tucker account.  After payment is made, send an email with your personal goals for this competition to -- would you like to be more aware of your eating habits?  Would you like to eliminate an unhealthy food or beverage from your diet?  Are you looking to lose weight or build muscle tone?  This is YOUR challenge.

THIRD: Start tracking your food on Monday, January 6th for three weeks.  Contest will end on Monday, January 27th.

FOURTH: Each Sunday evening, starting January 12th you will send me an email with  the number (1-7) of entries I should submit in your name for that week as directed below: 

Week One: RECORD -- Our goal this week is to record all the food you eat at  For the purpose of this 21-day challenge, you will receive one point for every day you record your food by 10pm.  I will not see your myfitnesspal account.  This contest is based on truth and honesty.  On Sunday night, you will email me the number (1-7) of entries I should submit in your name for that week.  On Monday morning, I will randomly draw one person's name from the entries submitted to me to receive a cash award. 

Week Two: REVISE -- This week, not only will you log your food at, but you will try and stay AT or UNDER the calorie limit you have decided for yourself.  This should not be done by starving yourself or over-doing it with cardio workouts!  You will receive one point for every day you are at or under your calorie allotment. 

But NEVER fear!  If you don't meet your "under-calorie" goal, don't give up!  You can begin this week to earn bonus points (like continuing to log you food, eliminating diet soda or junk food, etc) which add up to the Grand Prize point totals at the end of the challenge.

Week Three: IMPROVE  -- This week is the Macro Nutrient Challenge. Using the pie chart on the mobile app of, you will try and achieve a set macronutrient balance in your daily diet. Macros are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. 
You may choose from a 40g protein/40g carbohydrate/20g fat ratio designed for weight loss and muscle gain 

50g carb/30g protein/20g fat ratio designed for energy (athletes or very active participants) 

I will allow a 5% percentage shift on these ratios.
You will receive one point every day that you achieve this goal. But if you don't reach it, the Bonus Points will continue toward the Grand Prize... like, substituting fresh fruit for a late night bowl of ice cream, choosing steamed veggies over french fries, staying away from processed or fast food in favor of more nutritious meals at home, or making sure you eat the allotted number of fruits and vegetables. 

Weeks One a drawing winner receive your entry money back ($25)
Week Two a drawing winner will receive $50
Week Three a drawing winner will receive $75
GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be based on total number of points for all three weeks at the end of the challenge. I will tally the point totals from weeks one through three, and the TOP point total will receive a CASH PRIZE (money based on number of participants).  Hint, hint, the more friends you get to join, the more money you can win!

So get cracking.  Sign up today.  The journey begins Monday.  Twenty one days until a new habit is formed, a better nutrition plan is conquered and an overall healthier person will emerge!

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