Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Four Foods To Make You Faster

Triathletes have a yearning to improve, to go faster.  We swim, bike and run constantly trying to shave precious seconds off our PRs, spending hours in the pool, or out on the run or bike course, pushing -- pushing -- pushing.

But according to Dr. Josh Axe, there's a better way to improve your times -- nutrition.  Dr. Axe stresses the importance of fueling your body with the best nutrition you can buy.  And, according to his research, all triathletes should be eating the following SUPERFOODS:

1)  Beets/Beet Juices
These super veggies can increase one's VO2 Max by boosting N02 within the body.  Athletes that regularly eat beets improved their times by as much as three percent when they drank 16 ounces of beet juice for six days.  You can put beets on a salad or roast them with your favorite protein.  Any way you slice it or juice it, beets are the bomb.

2)  Coconut Oil
Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that are burned as energy.  Studies prove it improves endurance in cyclists as it boosted VO2 Max in these athletes.  Another good choice for oils is Palm Oil because it burns more like a carbohydrate and will not be stored as fat.  Olive oil has to go through 26 steps to breakdown, but coconut and palm oil do not.  Dr. Axe recommends ingesting one tablespoon an hour before a run to maximize the energy produced from coconut oil.  He also makes his own energy bars with this oil and cacao, raw honey, almond butter and dates.  Sounds delicious!

3) Chia Seeds
Chia seeds were used by Aztec warriors as "running food".  They contain the highest plant source of Omega 3s, as well as 19 amino acids.  What does that mean for triathletes?  Increased endurance performance for workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes.  Triathletes are also usually low on zinc, and chia seeds are a great source of zinc.  Throw 1 teaspoon of these super seeds into a smoothie or add them to your homemade energy bars.

4)  Grass-Fed Beef
Grass-fed beef means exactly what it states:  the cows are fed from grass rather than from genetically modified feed or grain.  Grass-fed beef supports recovery and helps to build lean muscle.  It also contains B12, iron, zinc and Omega 3s, all necessary for energy and metabolism.

And what about supplements?

Dr. Axe suggests:
Rhodiola Rosea for endurance and energy
Matcha Green Tea for energy
Bromelain for recovery
Fish Oil (wild caught salmon is best)  "astazanthin" needs to be listed in the supplement for lowering blood pressure and eliminating plaque in the arteries
L-Glutamine - to prevent "leaky gut" during a race
Whey Protein Power - as a post workout supplement giving you plenty of protein for recovery.

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  1. I love this post and made Eric read it--I have been juicing for awhile now--I've seen such a great difference in my skin, my energy and overall endurance.


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