Friday, May 15, 2009

Swim Pretty

Are these little water babies not the cutest? Come on. THIS is why I teach swimming lessons. Twenty one years now of working with bathing beauties like Bailey, Lily and Lucy. What's not to love? BTW, these girls can SWIM!!

The basics of swimming is to "swim pretty," according to Sara McLarty, pro triathlete and arguably the fastest open water swimmer on the planet (she's never been beaten out of the water in a race). Sara teaches triathletes to focus on technique. When you see a Michael Phelps or an Ian Thorpe, remember that you are watching the rewards of PRACTICE. It takes time! Don't get discouraged if you can't get that perfect swim as quickly as you would like.

Her tips: One drill at a time, don't multi-task. Stay smooth and relaxed--high elbows, good hip roll, don't cross your center line. Stroke length is always long, long, long! Reach and glide in front. Finish your stroke at your thighs. Be a speedboat, not a barge!!

And for open water: Choppy water - shorten stroke. Waves - go with the undulation. Drafting - wide stroke recovery. Crowds - extra high elbows. Wetsuits - wider recovery.

Just think, someday we might get our swimming tips from Bailey, Lily or Lucy.

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  1. SO glad you love teaching, because you are wonderful at it!! i was just telling my husband how i don't think i could find anybody better!! thanks for teaching my kids to swim, lily loves her girl class! :)


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