Thursday, May 14, 2009

Veggie Tales

This is my garden. Can you believe it? My neighbor supplied me with some of her leftover seeds and now I have yellow squash, tomatoes, basil and carrots growing like crazy. Misty says it's because of all the fertilizer Herm put in there a couple of years ago. Now it's finally paying off. This success was definitely not due to me. Ha! I am a black thumb, or whatever is opposite of a green one.

Which brings me to the importance of tasty veggies for your body. Bob Seebhoar, the nutritionist to the Olympians, taught me an easy way to eat healthy. Simply divide a dinner plate of food into an imaginary pie chart. For weight loss divide the plate in half -- half the plate should have fruits and veggies, on the other half, 1/3 should be whole grain and 2/3 should be lean protein. Hmm...maybe this will be easier if I take a photo of my notes.... (enlarging the photo will let you read the notes)

For weight maintenance, the fruits/veggies take up more like 1/2 plus a little, then lean protein and whole grains equally round out the last 2/3rd of the plate.

Not many of us need weight gain, but that is dividing the plate into thirds with equal servings of lean protein, fruits/veggies, and whole grain.

I don't see much room for hot fudge brownie sundaes, but I guess that is why I'm not a sports nutritionist.

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