Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ah, ha!

It happened today. Like an Oprah "Ah Ha" moment. I discovered what I love.

But let me digress.

Today was the Danskin SheRox Sprint Triathlon at Tempe Town Lake. Sprint. Short. Easy, right? I mean, I've done the IRONMAN for goodness sake. Why waste my time on a measly sprint?

Well, today was different. This race was with Abby. My 15-year-old daughter. I did it for her. We did it together.

The Danskin Sprint series features something called "The Buddy Wave". It's a bit like having someone hold your hand when you're ice skating, or read aloud to you in bed. As a mentor, you do the race to be with your buddy. You make sure they survive 750 meters in open water. You kick hard so they can follow your bubbles. You unzip their wetsuit. You talk them through T1, the bike, the run, and then the finish line. You do it for them.

I loved today. Abby finished strong in her first sprint tri. I was a proud mama. And along with that, I became a more confident, secure triathlon coach. I have been struggling with the thought that I wasn't good enough to coach others. That maybe I had become certified by USAT just as a whim. But I realized today that I was meant to coach. Helping Abby through this race was the most satisfying thing I have done in a long time.

There were all types at this event. And I mean all types. Newbies, elites, large and larger. Some women were rockin' their Zipp wheels and others were hammering through with their squeeky Mongoose Costco specials. It was an event for the masses. The antithesis of Ironman. This was Everyman. Or woman, I should say. The event's cache was that it was a female only race. This fact alone makes it less daunting for many of the softer sex. So they came, they tri'd, and they conquered. The smiles on their faces said it all. "I did it!"

And now I know I can do it. I can coach these women to do something they never thought possible. I can change lives. I can motivate, inspire and mentor.

I am a coach.


  1. LORIE!!! I'm already inspired! Just about brought a tear to my eye! (I'm not kidding.) And I have to tell you that that phrase, "with their squeeky Mongoose Costco specials" was PURE Dad. It sounds exactly like something he would have written in his musings! haha! And I LOVE the name. The sad thing is that dreaming big for me is the thought of running a 5K. I know...... pathetic.

  2. How cool is that?! Glad you and Abs were able to do that together. Is there a big sister/slow little brother race or anything like that? Like a 1K where you walk to and from your car in the grocery store parking lot? I think I could handle that.


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